The Nature of Our Firm

What Marks Us

We listen — very carefully.  Where required, we probe at the margins to identify all of the issues facing a client.  For example, a ‘simple’ real estate transaction may expose estate planning issues.  A corporate business decision may pose an immigration question.

We help clients sort out their priorities, and counsel on avenues available to achieve goals.

We aim to be as efficient as possible for the client, both in time and cost.  Where a problem is capable of ‘routine’ treatment, it is treated as such.  Where a reference to another professional is indicated, because of experience or specialized knowledge, we make every effort to get the client before the best-qualified person.  And in the odd or complicated case where there are no straight-forward answers or solutions, we will be creative.

We recognize that clients are real people with real problems.  If you call during office hours, you get a real person on the phone, not a menu of options.